31 Days Facebook Rehab

31 Days Facebook Rehab

Temporary social suicide/ escape?

Apr 15

Mar 21

Feb 12

Facebook status

Apparently I am gigantic baby trapped in a woman body.So sad lol

I`m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control, and at times hard to handle, but if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best. - Marilyn Monroe

So,my last night of Baltic adventure consisted of mosh pit,ended up in a coma with my stomach stuffed with potatoes and beans and woke up with a black teddy bear in my arm at a stranger’s home. Not too bad for an ending ,eh?

Job interview today all black in suit, I feel like bruce lee’s cousin going to a funeral.

How am I gonna spend Valentine’s Day? Naked laying on my floor with a bottle of Vodka screaming Adele songs to my dog.

I need my dose of scandinavia otherwise I will go mad, I need to get out of london!

I am going to hong kong tonight, need to leave in an hour and still unpacked. Hopefully i wont miss the flight.

I know it sounds awful but I don’t miss london at all!

I will do anything for a job right now as long as I can keep my clothes on and without touching anyone’s genital. Is it really that hard?

Last night was magic,we all let ourselves go,danced like maniacs and fell asleep on the street. Lets do it again and again!

My sister is moving to england in January, Woo

Today was spontaneous and magical, so was yesterday ,the day before, there’s tooo much magic!

sometimes I just can’t believe my luck.

” This medicine may make you sleepy, dizzy, confused, see or hear things that are not there, give you blurred or double vision or have fits” hhmmm what was the nurse thinking ..

What a day and night of crazy adventures thus being part of a freak ass bus experiment where the bus driver decided not to drive , closed all the exit and watched people go mad.

The standard fare to sheffield was 80 quid today - with the same amount I could have flown to Oslo 4 times.

The standard fare to sheffield was 80 quid today - with the same amount I could have flown to Oslo 4 times.

Psy-trance rave is awesome, it’s like each person has their own fluorescent spacecraft adventuring along the euphoric psychedelic space full of vivid color and ethnic pattern. Solitary amusement is encouraged, magic is not a myth and everyone is sharing and caring.

I have found my pouch worth of a month of rent, and I thought I was gonna lose it forever, woohoo!

I know so many beautiful people, I wish I have several Astral Joies so I could shoot all of them :(

Awkward moment when giving out fake number to stranger on purpose and he tries to call you in front of you and the phone echoes ” Sorry, but the number you have called is not recognised ”

Jul 10


Jul 8

Drag queen moment

Out of complete boredom, I followed angelina jolie make up tutorial and threw myself into disguise of the totally opposite of me. It was a light entertainment.

Jul 3

fooooul luck

In the last one week, I have managed to lose an oyster card,25 quid through gambling, found out I could actually get others to vote for my art only to be informed the same day that I did not made it to the last 300,broken my hard drive and shoe

I am expecting good karma coming out of that!

Jun 27

The Green Room

Last night I had a 2 hours spontaneous late night walk from semi ghetto Finsbury park, then Holloway Road, as it got posher, tufnell park and Highgate to Fortis Green. Walked past one of the oddest charity shop that sells everything from dinosaur egg to signed arsenal football and met a Green party politician. Life is very bizarre sometimes.

Jun 26

You are crazy..! !

And I like it. But about your Sleeping habit..I just wanna say that..Sometimes its not safe.So try not to sleep anywhere while you are all alone.

And yeah, I like your blog…I want to follow this blog..But I am not sure, can I follow tumblr blog through blogspot ?

31daysfacebookrehab : Hmm thank you lol I think there should be a follow button somewhere. Peace x

Jun 19

bitter spine is releasing an ep!

I have taken inspiration from the past and the future, the elegance from the pagan novelty to the sci-fi science trip-hop/psytrance with a fair dose of wu-tang-clan old school rap. My musical influence include sound from a bubble bath, a spanish toyphone, outcast moment, bjork as she is, angry westler, blue lagoon from the outskirts of Reykjavik, cute, old people having an electronic wheelchair competition in eastbourne and Erik Satie. Dedicated to my late father ,Bjork and a young sylvia plath in bell jar.

p.s:  a brief introduction for my ep which will be released in autumn/winter , can’t really reveal the tracks right now for copyright reason tho ;)

May 6

2nd rehab

An essay deadline is driving me into insanity, facebook has once again regained my unhealthy stalking habit. I thought, a second rehab would be helpful to combat distraction. Instead , I found myself doing these :

For half an hour, my name was Katie. I was 13 years old and I have just eaten a bear. Out of pure curiosity, I paid an earth visit to this genitals-networking-website chatroulette, before my banana spaceship took me back to Lala land. 

Apart from this I listened to  Jacaszek all night and bragged about 300 more words. I have 2000 more to go, due in wednesday. I almost forgot my father is dead.

May 1

Nils Frahm — More (by untitledesigner)

Apr 24

Fantastic Blog!

thank you :)

Apr 18

Uh huh!

Re: Membership Number : KIO417205

 Thank you for contacting LA Fitness Member Relations.     I write in response to your email  dated the 10th April 2012, regarding the cancellation of your membership at our Muswell Hill Club.

 I am sorry to hear you are unhappy with the service you have received from LA Fitness.      I can assure you we endeavour to provide the best possible service at all times and therefore apologise if you feel this has not been achieved.

 We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service at all times and apologise if this was not the case on this occasion.

 I have taken your comments on board for future training and monitoring purposes and to avoid this situation arising in the future. I assure you that your concerns will be addressed with the members of staff involved.

 I can confirm that your membership has been cancelled down for the 27th March 2012.

 Cancellation reference number: KS1219.

 Please accept my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused, I can assure you this is not our intention.    I can confirm that a refund has been applied for on your account.  Should this be accepted it could take up to 4 weeks to be paid back into your account. 

 We are sorry that you wish to leave LA Fitness and hope that you have enjoyed your time with us.  If we can be of any further help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards

Debra Marston 

Member Relations

Apr 14

Apr 11

To La Fitness

   I am greatly disappointed and saddened by a series of incidents that have occurred to me recently with LA Fitness

   On the 20th March, I originally went to the Muswell Hill branch for a free 5 days trial, but I was instead pressured by a member of staff there to sign a 12-month contract with a 10 pounds of joining fee. ( member no: LAF0628821)

   I was ensured a 10-day cooling off period with promises that I would be entitled to cancellation within 10 days and full refund of the joining fee. 

   The attitude from your staff was intimidating. I felt forced and wasn’t given the opportunity to go through the terms and conditions. I was rushed to provide my banking details and signature.

   On the second day of cooling off period, another horrific experience happened where I feel I was sexually harassed by one of your personal trainers. I had booked an abs training session accompanied by my housemate. Not only was he passing flirtatious glances at me - due to which I began to question his professionalism - he also blatantly brought up a comparison of an exercising position to sexual intercourse. I was disgusted by his sexual remark and left the gym immediately.

   With absolutely no desire to stay, on the 27th I cancelled my membership over the phone, I was told my membership will be cancelled immediately but there wouldn’t be a refund. I was shocked as this information from your head office clearly went against what I had been told by the staff I spoke to within the Muswell Hill branch when I signed the contract.

    I went into the branch straight away to speak to the member of staff – Sam – who originally told me about the refund.  I didn’t feel I was taken seriously as I was told to come back the next day instead. 

    After coming in the next day I was then informed by her colleague that Sam was on holiday and wouldn’t be back at work until Friday, I feel I really should have been told this the day before, rather than wasting another day trying to fix this.

     I finally managed to get hold of her on Friday, I expressed my annoyance and disappointment to her and demanded my joining refund. She assured me it was a misunderstanding, but me getting my refund back was not up to her decision, she then phoned the head manager and I was asked (again) to come back the next day so speak to the manager (Stuart) in person.

    When I came into the branch the next day, Stuart apologized and ensured me it was a misunderstanding, He promised to have passed the case to the head office and ensured I would get my refund. He had given me an impression that he was professional and could be trusted. I was relieved that things looked to be settled finally.

     However this feeling did not last long. £52 was taken through direct debit on the 30th from my bank account. I was shocked as it was entirely out of my consent. I cancelled my membership before the cooling off period; I even went into the branch in person and spoke to your member of staff to confirm that it was cancelled.

      I feel this is unacceptable, and hope you will refund the £62 that you have currently taken from me without consent as soon as possible, and ideally provide some form of compensation for what’s now a considerable amount of time and money spent on trips into the branch to try and sort this out.

Joie Hryggur So

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